How to Reset Samsung Galaxy S21

How to Reset Samsung Galaxy S21

Believe when said that the Procedure does not matter more than the Reasons when it comes to the point when you want to know about Resetting Samsung Galaxy S21.

Nonetheless, its still important for several tasks that can be performed on Samsung Galaxy S21.

Reset or Hard Reset if you will, can lead to serious consequences that are permanent. So, this needs to be planned before making the move.

Because once you Reset Samsung Galaxy S21, there is no going back whatsoever.

Reasons to Reset Samsung Galaxy S21

There are several reasons to take this least recommended step but sometimes it might become necessary to do so, either to avoid something or get rid of some problem with Samsung Galaxy S21.

Firstly, the issues with certain applications tend to cause the need to reset Samsung Galaxy S21. The applications might freeze up or sometimes installation goes bad. As a last resort it becomes necessary to Reset Samsung Galaxy S21.

Secondly and most unlikely, the phone gets to perform slower than normal because of constant use over a relatively long period of a few weeks. Again, this might be very rare as there seems less evidence of any kind of technological reasoning behind this hypothesis.

Anyhow, satisfaction matters so after a few weeks you might want to back up your important data and Reset Samsung Galaxy S21 for better performance and user experience.

Lastly, it becomes unavoidable to keep on using smart phone after a spammy application or malicious files attack the phone so in the same way Samsung Galaxy S21 can get unwanted advertisements or malicious activity.

In that very scenario its one of the two options to Reset Samsung Galaxy S21, other being employing an Anti-Virus program to scan for malicious activity.

One reason that is very rare, can be the time when you decide to upgrade or change the smart phone. In that peculiar scenario it is good to Reset Samsung Galaxy S21, or any other smart phone for that matter.

So, when in any of these situations its better to know the procedure yourself instead of getting that tech-help to Reset your Samsung Galaxy S21 for better or for worse. Hope its for the better always.

Before getting into the Step-by-Step procedure, it cannot be stressed enough that once you have decided to Reset Samsung Galaxy S21 do backup your important data on SD memory or cloud. Otherwise, it will be hard loss for as you will not be able to restore data on Samsung Galaxy S21.

Furthermore, there are two methods by which you can Reset your Samsung Galaxy S21. The choice of the method does not matter because they both achieve the same objective of wiping your Samsung Galaxy S21’s memory Clean.

First Method to Reset Samsung Galaxy S21

Samsung Galaxy S21 will reboot and you will get a fresh start with it.

  • Go to Settings on Samsung Galaxy S21
  • Select General Management
  • Select Reset
  • Choose for Factory data reset
  • Then tap Reset
  • Finally, Delete all

sVoila!! There you are!!


Second Method to Reset Samsung Galaxy S21

If the first method does not work such as when the phone gets stuck and is unable to perform any functions, then it is good to know the buttons method.

  • Turn off Samsung Galaxy S21
  • Then press and hold the Power key and Volume Up key
  • Then press and hold the Power key
  • Release the keys when the Android mascot appears
  • Wait for Android system recovery menu
  • Use the Volume Down key for navigation
  • Select Wipe Data/Factory Reset
  • Press the Power key
  • Select Yes and proceed again
  • Wait for factory reset to complete
  • Finally, select Reboot System Now
  • Wait for Samsung Galaxy S21 to reboot

Voila again!! Fresh Start!!!

Final Precautions!!

It is always recommended to charge you Samsung Galaxy S21 by at-least 80% before starting any procedure as some procedures might take a lot of power. Crucial procedures just like the Reset of Samsung Galaxy S21 might consume a lot of battery charge and should not be interrupted in-between.

Furthermore, it is important that we stress further to backup your data that is important to you because after the Reset of Samsung Galaxy S21 you would not be able to retrieve your lost data.

So, keep those fingers crossed!!!


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