How to Root Samsung Galaxy S21 with Magisk

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S21 with Magisk

After understanding the concept of Root on Samsung Galaxy S21 it will be possible to plan for the extent of customization. Since Rooting can be very rewarding but it is needed to be performed with attention to detail and care for mistakes. One simple yet straight forward approach is to Root Samsung Galaxy S21 with Magisk.

Previously, we have been talking about Rooting Samsung Galaxy S21 with different methods. This guide takes the liberty to talk about Rooting Samsung Galaxy S21 with Magisk.


Before striking hard you Samsung Galaxy S21 it is a good idea to go through the guide because at this point in time it is necessary to mention some pre-requisites that are must have.

Unlock Bootloader

 Starting with the bootloader, it is very important that Samsung Galaxy S21 must be unlocked for bootloader as it enables Samsung Galaxy S21 to flash custom recoveries and install third party applications, also the device can be Root accessed.

TWRP Recovery

Next pre-requisite in line and a must have is TWRP. By TWRP, Samsung Galaxy S21 can be flashed with Magisk and thus Root accessed. So, check out the pre-requisite’s individual guides to step by step enable settings and perform required functions.

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Its important to take certain crucial measures to safeguard your interests with the Root of Samsung Galaxy S21 with Magisk.

Firstly, uninstall all other Roots that have been previously done. This can be done by using applications that unroot or directly from the Root application settings such as SuperSU.

Secondly, it is most sincerely advised to charge your Samsung Galaxy S21 at-least 80% before starting any process as these processes can take time and consume a great deal of battery power during performing lengthy operations.

If by any chance your Samsung Galaxy S21 get shutdown during process or the process remain incomplete there is a great chance of missing files and serious operating system damage since these Root operations are generally directly affecting the core operating system files.



Download Magisk for Samsung Galaxy S21


Start Root of Samsung Galaxy S21 with Magisk

After downloading Magisk you are in the position to start the installation of Magisk. After that, the only thing remains is to Root Samsung Galaxy S21.

Follow the Steps and have fun:

  • Download Magisk and put it into internal memory or SD card on Samsung Galaxy S21
  • Remember the directory as it might come in handy at a later stage in the installation of Magisk or flashing through TWRP Recovery
  • Boot into Custom Recovery in Samsung Galaxy S21
  • Press and Hold Power and Volume Down buttons simultaneously
  • Then using Volume Down button Select Recovery from the menu
  • Once into custom recovery now Magisk can be flashed
  • To flash Magisk it is necessary that, from TWRP select Magisk zip file from the download directory
  • Tap on Install
  • From Install, tap on Install image and select Magisk zip file
  • Confirm details and then flash
  • Wait for the process to complete then Reboot Samsung Galaxy S21
  • Wait for the phone to get back on again
  • Now its time to Install Magisk Manager
  • To install Magisk Manager its important to Enable Unknown Sources
  • To Enable Unknown Sources, go to settings and Check the respective box or select the respective option
  • Now go back to the download directory and install Magisk Manager and then wait for the installation to complete

Benefits of Rooting Samsung Galaxy S21 with Magisk

There are certain benefits of Rooting Samsung Galaxy S21 that are inherent or local to Magisk. Some of them are compatible with Samsung Galaxy S21 and some of them are good for the user in terms of user experience and ease of access.

To list some of them we can have an inexhaustive list:

  • Magisk would instantly tell the user if the device is Rooted or not
  • If any process is left out, then the Root can safely be performed again and Magisk will confirm if the Root accessed is granted or not
  • Magisk does not tweak with the system files do it is safe to assume that there will be no damaged caused to those files and only Root files are being used or tweaked with
  • Banking apps can be used, and payments can be made securely by Samsung Galaxy S21
  • User friendly interface of Magisk Manager makes it easy to perform in-app functions and increase ease of access
  • Magisk Manager hide feature can be used to hide Root access from those app that require unroot access
  • Magisk Manager contains built-in SuperSU section that provide benefits of superuser experience


At last, it only seems logical to say that Rooting Samsung Galaxy S21 with Magisk might be the best outcome of your efforts and it can provide an enhanced user experience especially when it comes to Root devices.

With Rooting Samsung Galaxy S21 with Magisk, user can achieve customization ability at par with not many applications out there with minimum effort and ease of use.

Since Magisk is open source and reliable at the same time with open end user functionality, it is here to stay as it is also constantly updated. So, the user might be in for a surprise for a long time.

It is ultimately encouraged to Root Samsung Galaxy S21 with Magisk out of necessity or curiosity but it might not be the end of the rope or the end of the world for that matter because we have other ways that might interest some users for explorative and experimentative purposes.

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