Download and Install KingRoot on Samsung Galaxy S21

Download and Install KingRoot on Samsung Galaxy S21

Looking for One-Click Root Solution???

KingRoot can be the answer you are looking for. It is a trusted app that comes with many features that help users to Root Android Phones such as Samsung Galaxy S21. This discussion will result in step by step guide to Download and Install KingRoot on Samsung S21.

There must several questions that comes across minds of beginner users who want to root their Samsung Galaxy S21 to access more functionality and customization.

Be patient and go through the guide, hope that you find most of the answers.

Download KingRoot on Samsung Galaxy S21

To download KingRoot one might be looking on the google android store. You might find it there or not then it might be pragmatic to download from the official site.

It should be added here that KingRoot is a third-party app and that it is a pre-requisite to Enable Unknown Sources on Samsung Galaxy S21. (add link)

Once the file is downloaded then its feasible to install it on Samsung Galaxy S21 and one-click root the device.


Before installing it might be better to observe some precautions that can save time, effort, and technical mistakes for the user such as charging the battery at-least 80% because processing might consume a lot of battery.

If the phone shuts down before completing the installation and procedure, some files might miss and system files might get damaged as well.


Installation of KingRoot on Samsung Galaxy S21

Finally, we have reached the place at where we are in the position to install KingRoot on Samsung Galaxy S21 and after that it becomes feasible to start the Root process. But be sure to charge the battery on Samsung Galaxy S21 at-least 80% before starting.

  • Download KingRoot APK latest version
  • Run the Installation
  • Wait for Installation to complete
  • Open KingRoot
  • Tap Try it button to enter the main interface
  • Tap Get Now button to start Root on Samsung Galaxy S21


If issues such as installation blocked messages occur, then it might be a good idea to recheck that Unknown Sources are enabled and if the problem persists then reboot and then try to re-install the application.



Once the Root process is completed then its time to celebrate the effort and patient that you have been through to get the most out of your beloved Samsung Galaxy S21.

We sincerely Hope that you enjoy the customization ability that you just unlocked. There are several cool applications in the Google Android Store that you might enjoy after rooting your device after the Download and Install of KingRoot on Samsung Galaxy S21.

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