How to boot into TWRP Recovery mode on Samsung Galaxy S21

How to boot into TWRP Recovery mode on Samsung Galaxy S21

If you are familiar with TWRP then is a blessing for you otherwise it may be good idea to go through the informative and practical guide here. This step by step guide provides information, introduction to knowledge base on How to boot into TWRP Recovery mode on Samsung Galaxy S21 with added benefits and expectations.

Even if you are familiar with TWRP and Custom Recoveries, even then you might get surprised more times than you think. So, get ready for some geek bombs coming your way.

Knowing some things about Custom Recovery on Samsung Galaxy S21

Custom Recoveries on Samsung Galaxy S21 enables the user to set up an Environment on their Samsung Galaxy S21 that provides with:

  • Create Backup files
  • Restore Backups
  • Install Custom ROMs
  • ROM Manager

Custom Recovery Environments help the user to tweak Android Operating System for restoring files and flashing custom ROMs.

This provide added benefits for the user in terms of backing up files periodically over time and when needed. It also helps in flashing OTA updates on Operating System on Samsung Galaxy S21.

Android Operating Systems have pre-installed Recovery that can help the Samsung Galaxy S21 user in:

  • Restore the device to factory default settings
  • Update Android Operating System
  • Perform diagnostic tasks


Getting to know TWRP Recovery

Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP) replaces the Android built in Recovery software and enables users to perform major tweaks with the device and backup, restore and install updates on Samsung Galaxy S21.

TWRP Official Website

To get the software for Samsung Galaxy S21, visit the original website and then search for the compatible software. Before installing read further to ensure that your Samsung Galaxy S21 meets certain pre-requisites before installing TWRP Recovery.

Pre-requisites before Installation of TWRP

Before installing TWRP, there are certain things that you might have to check to ensure that there occur no issues during or after installation.

  • Unlocking Bootloader before flashing TWRP Recovery
  • Enable Developer Options
  • Enable USB Debugging
  • OEM Unlocking
  • Install ADB and FastBoot on PC


  • Unlocking Bootloader


  • To unlock bootloader, check out our guide Unlocking Bootloader on Samsung Galaxy S21(add link)
  • Enable Developer Options on Android Phone


  • Go to the Settings of your Device
  • Select the About Section
  • There will be an option Build Number
  • Tap seven times on the Build Number of your Android Phone
  • Developer Options will be enabled successfully


  • USB De-Bugging


  • Now go back to your Samsung Galaxy S21 Phone Settings
  • Find the Developer Options in the Settings of your Phone
  • Tap on Developer Options
  • Open it, and you will see the USB Debugging Disable
  • Enable the USB Debugging option


  • OEM Unlocking


  • In the Developer Options, you will see OEM Disable
  • Use the toggle button to enable the OEM


  • Install ADB and FastBoot


  • Connect PC with Samsung Galaxy S21 by USB cable
  • Download ADB and install on PC
  • Run the setup and keep track of the installation folder

Flashing TWRP Recovery on Samsung Galaxy S21


Flashing TWRP with the bootloader is the last step that is required to reach TWRP Recovery Mode and to it follow following steps:


  • Firstly, power off your Samsung Galaxy S21
  • Boot into Bootloader mode by pressing and holding, the volume down and power buttons
  • Wait for Samsung Galaxy S21 Logo Screen to appear then release the buttons
  • Connect Samsung Galaxy S21 to PC by USB connection
  • Get to the installation folder of ADB in PC
  • Shift+ Right Click on an empty area
  • Open Command Prompt
  • Enter command fastboot devices
  • If a serial number appears then proceed else repeat the procedure again exactly
  • Enter command fastboot flash Recovery TWRP.img



By this point Samsung Galaxy S21 is flashed with TWRP Recovery software. Finally, there remains only to boot into Recovery mode.


Boot into TWRP Recovery Mode on Samsung Galaxy S21


Now moving on, to boot into Recovery mode follow the following steps:


Final Leap!!!


  • Unplug the phone from the PC
  • Move to Recovery option in bootloader
  • Select Recovery Option
  • Wait for device to reboot in TWRP Recovery Mode


After reboot, we have achieved boot into TWRP Recovery mode on Samsung Galaxy S21 and successfully.


If there occurs a need to perform further functions such as installing SuperSU, Rooting Samsung Galaxy S21 or making backups of the files it is advised to check out similar informative and pragmatic guides.

Hope you have a blast using Samsung Galaxy S21!!!


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